#covid19 – It’s in your hands !

THE HAPPY HAND-WASHING SONG is a fun musical tool intended to help children understand the importance of washing their hands properly and thoroughly in the fight against Coronavirus. Medical advice is to take around 20-30 seconds each time you wash your hands – the equivalent of singing Happy Birthday twice – which is why I chose this melody. The lyrics are designed to remind children of all the right gestures such as washing between the fingers and not forgetting the nails. Heartfelt thanks to French pianist Pierre-Yves Plat for putting this video together and his daughter Emma (8 years old) for her fantastic performance!

Nicky Gentil 

Lyrics :
Happy hand washing song
This sure won’t take long
It keeps your hands clean
And treats the germs mean

In-between each finger
Make sure you linger
Wash each and every nail
And the germ’s sure to fail.

Copyright: Nicky Gentil March 2020

Musique : Emma et Pierre-Yves Plat

Restez-vous ! 

Cette petite chanson pourra rappeler à chacun l’importance de bien se laver les mains et l’occasion pour les jeunes enfants de faire un peu d’anglais également !

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