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A five-star cast for the 14th Caval'Air Jazz Festival!

Michel Jonasz, Ben l'Oncle Soul and Pierre-Yves Plat in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez! It's a five-star line-up for the Caval'Air Jazz Festival! The first concert with Pierre-Yves Plat was a real success; this genius pianist, capable of spectacular improvisations, won over the audience with his talent, his fiery swing and his dashing sense of humor.

Nearly 1,500 people packed the Esplanade Saint-Estelle stage for the artist's concert. Pierre-Yves Plat captivated his audience, adding a theatrical dimension to his performance. His charisma and stage presence make every song a real spectacle.

Humor is also one of the pianist's hallmarks. Between pieces, he never hesitates to share amusing anecdotes and interact with the audience, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. Exceptional virtuosity and disconcerting playing make for an absolutely breathtaking show!

This unique combination of showmanship, humor and virtuosity immediately won over the audience. A show not to be missed!

Var Matin, Septembre 2023

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