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You are more and more to ask me for advice and take advantage of the "tutorials" on the internet.


Unfortunately, I can't answer all the requests and I propose you to continue on the one launched with an online coaching offer.

Pierre-Yves Plat

Call it webinar, master class, online lessons or whatever you like; the principle being to progress with your piano and Pierre-Yves Plat in private lessons! 


The artist is there to listen to you, answer all your questions and suggest new musical tracks! The interest is not necessarily to consider these sessions as "regular lessons" but rather to see them as real "coaching sessions" where the pianist will study with you the points to be improved and will share with you all his techniques!



No need for a camera or professional technical equipment, the course takes place "online" via WhatsApp or skype and your "smartphone" will do the trick! 


For more information, please contact us at " " or by phone at +33 (0)6 89 68 39 64.

On the program :


Ragtime with the principle of the "pump" in the left hand; this alternation between the basses (1st and 3rd beat) / and the chords (2nd and 4th beat). This technique, once mastered, will allow you to "swing" any piece! The idea is then to bring out a melody both on the basses (tonic, fifth, third and why not a walking) but also on the chords (and inversions if necessary, on the so-called "weak beats").


Improvisation " Right hand ". You will see that these improvisations can be done without years of scales or study of the different Phrygian, Lydian Mixolydian modes or other learned terms :)


The listening, the study and the harmonic decomposition of a piece ... which will allow you afterwards to free yourself completely while respecting the structure of the piece.


The basics of Blues or Boogie-Woogie


The accompaniment and transformation of your favorite pieces. Rework the harmonies with the pianist to create your arrangements!

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