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QUI C'EST CELUI-LÀ is a disc about childhood; nursery rhymes reinterpreted in unexpected and rather crazy ways!

Seventh solo album




Recording a record for children has been close to my heart for a long time; Listening to it again today, I realize that it is addressed to a much larger audience. On the program, improbable arrangements around nursery rhymes revisited in Blues ("J'aime la galette"), Jazz, Ragtime, but also in Tango ("Ah! Will I tell you mom"), Boogie-woogie and even a wink. 'look at Bach's Fourth Invention in D minor (on "The little fish").

The recording took place in "public" at the Acoustic Studio of Passavant Music in the Doubs which welcomed for the occasion the inhabitants of Passavant and the surroundings (some coming from Strasbourg and even from Switzerland for this evening) in order to give more warmth than we could have obtained with a simple "studio" plug.

On the other hand, I had not expected that Emma, my daughter, would fall asleep from the first song at the foot of the "voice" microphone which led us to the great happiness of the public to offer a second concert on Saturday afternoon. ...

Emma offers us on this disc a song of which she wrote the lyrics ("Who is that one") around her teddy bear (the very very very nice Nono!). This record, I hope, will make you smile, but also sing and maybe even dance!

Pierre-Yves Plat


QUI C'EST CELUI-LÀ is a disc about childhood; rhymes reinterpreted in an unexpected and above all crazy way! “I love the galette” is found in blues, “Dansons la nasturtium” would become almost funky! More than twenty pieces completely revisited on the piano in jazz, ragtime, boogie, salsa, tango ...

Photography and design : Guillaume Garcia -


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