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THIS SOLO ALBUM is Pierre-Yves Plat's first real CONCERT testimony!

THE PIANIST'S NOTE - PYP LIVE is the first real CONCERT testimony by Pierre-Yves Plat! Full recording, without interruption, of a concert in 2016 in front of more than 500 people, with the warmth that goes with it and its spontaneity, its authenticity and its awkwardness sometimes but above all this beautiful energy between the artist and the public who make everything the charm and magic of LIVE.

On the program: Fishing for mussels - Small fish in the water - Study n ° 1 opus 25 in A flat major (Chopin) - La Marche Turque (Mozart) - Isn't she lovely (S. Wonder) - Nocturne n ° 20 in C sharp minor (Posthumous Opus) (Chopin) - Night train - Ballad n ° 1 in G minor (Chopin) - Maman the most beautiful in the world - Ladybird Boogie (Aurélie and Pierre-Yves Plat) - Fantasy »Impromptu , Op. 66 in C sharp minor (Chopin) - The Sheik of Araby - Passacaglia, Suite n ° 7 in G minor - Ave Maria (JS Bach and C. Gounod)


Album recorded live during a concert in 2016

Piano & Arrangements : Pierre-Yves Plat - Director: Éric Donnart - Photography & Design : Guillaume Garcia (


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