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Available only online Itunes (€ 9.99) and all platforms (Spotify, deezer, etc.).

Physical album out of stock. It was recorded with Franck Mossler (Drummer, washboardist, singer and imitator).

Franck Mossler and Pierre-Yves Plat form an astonishing duo. The two friends, who had the opportunity to play the first parts including Thomas Dutronc, Nicoletta or Sanseverino, will not fail to surprise and seduce you.

The pianist's specialty: adapting classical works to Jazz. His breathtaking dexterity and swing certainly make him one of the most gifted pianists of his generation.

Franck Mossler accompanies Pierre-Yves on drums and washboard but he will also know how to surprise you by imitating singers, actors or politicians passing from one to another with humor. Lover of true American music hall Franck Mossler bounces with greed and dynamism on the irresistible and unpredictable game of his accomplices.


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