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Sacha likes her friends, her piano, the party. At night, he plays in a jazz club and seduces pretty girls. He lives in the moment, for pleasure. Without alarm clock, without wedding ring, without tax.
Charlotte has three children, two ex-husbands and a professional career to manage. She has no place for a love story. Everything opposes them. They have nothing to do together… A film by James Huth with Sophie Marceau and Gad Elmaleh.

The hands of Gad Elmaleh are doubled by those of Pierre-Yves Plat.

Sacha's “improvisations” are often medleys or variations on classical masterpieces: we thus hear him quote Frédéric Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu during the opening credits, his Revolutionary Study, as well as the Turkish March of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, by juxtaposing these famous melodies with jazzy or even rock harmonies and basses.

At one point, he superimposes the Prelude of the 1st Suite for solo cello by Jean-Sébastien Bach on the left hand, to the aria from Charles Gounod's Ave Maria, himself composed by the latter from the First Prélude. of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. Just after, we hear Gounod's Ave Maria in its original version. All of these “arrangements” are musical creations by pianist Pierre-Yves Plat.


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