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What a pleasure to make you discover the last two albums of the artist!

These two records were recorded during the "carte blanche to Pierre-Yves Plat" evenings at Sunset-Sunside in March.

You will find there the numerous arrangements that the pianist had the opportunity to work on during the confinement period.

The records will be available in the pianist's store from November 1st !

You can nevertheless order them now and ask the artist to sign them for you!



Recording a live album at the Sunset-Sunside, in this temple of jazz where Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Michel Petrucciani, Richard Galliano, Didier Lockwood and so many other musicians who have marked the history of music have played, is an incredible opportunity!

For the last 10 years, I have been invited to play there regularly, during a monthly "carte blanche" meeting, for which I would like to thank the whole team of the Sunset-Sunside, and more particularly Stéphane Portet for his trust and friendship.

My gratitude also goes to Hélène and Franck Mossler, Marie and Thierry Lahorgue, Johann Povysil, Julien Demoinerie, Jean Luc Martin and to all the people who encouraged me in this recording project.

I do not forget the Internet users, so faithful to the "lives" of Saturday during the confinements! So many of you have followed and supported me, that it will unfortunately be impossible for me to mention all those who have also contributed to the making of this record. Nevertheless, I want to thank you very sincerely: this record would not exist without you!

I hope that you will find in this album the magic of "live" and the pleasure of beautiful musical and friendly meetings.

See you soon in concert and thank you all for your loyalty,

Musical greetings,

Pierre-Yves Plat

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