FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE (20 musicians from 14 countries)

It is a great pleasure for me to share this video I recorded with 20 musicians from 14 countries all over the globe. Gathered to celebrate life with hope to have a better, more joint future, each one from his home. Credits: Song by Ron Miller and Orlando Murden Inspired by Stevie Wonder Music Production and Arrangement: Jonathan Guerstein Vocals: Rogério Cravo Midlej Silva, Suzy Adamyan, Arnest Marley, Rubin, Guillermo Ibáñez, Talya Tsur, Yehudit Mayer Drums: Dante M. Roberson Bass: Loïc Bettendorf Piano: Py Plat Guitars: MiNim Huttakitwilai, Tanid Sintaratana, Adir Laybo, Ali Void Trumpet: Hadar Reiss Saxophone: Ismael Dorado Trombone: Andrey Pakin Percussion: Femke Krone, Leandro Rapaporte, Pranav Dath Project Manager: Gai Guerstein Sound Editing: Jonathan Guerstein Additional Sound Editing: אלעד טרי Mixing and Mastering: Erez Caspi ('Bardo Studios') Video Editing: Gai Guerstein & Jonathan Guerstein Produced at אולפני דסימה - Decima Studios ********** Artists Pages: Rogério Midlej Suzy Adamyan- Soprano Rubin Guillermo Ibáñez Dante’ Taz Pierre-Yves Plat Hadar Reiss Ismael Dorado Saxofonista Femke Krone Leandro - לאנדרו

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